Emergency situations in the field of crop protection

Regulation (EU) No. 1107/2009 determines under article 53 that a Member State can authorise a plant protection product on the market in special circumstances for limited and controlled use. This authorisation may be granted for a maximum period of 120 days for a pest, disease or weed which cannot be managed in any other reasonable means.

For such requests, it must be demonstrated that it is an exceptional emergency situation.

After acquiring the emergency authorisation, initiatives must be taken to find a permanent solution to the problem. For example, through research for possible (alternative) measures to protect the crop or through applying for a standard authorisation or an extension of an existing one. Our service can supply the necessary help with this.
In the case of repeated applications, the applicant is requested to show what has been done to find a permanent solution.

The following procedure must be followed for the submission of such requests:

  • The application must be ESFCS (E-Submission Food Chain) of the European Commission.
  • The document 'template 120 days application' must be sent via email to Anneke De Cock (anneke.decock@health.fgov.be), Head of Unit supervision and valorisation of authorisations, and to Ilse Pittomvils and Jérémy Denis (see email addresses below).
    New template 2023 with confirmation of the availability of the product on the market and availability of information on the composition!

Special case: active substances that belong to the class of neonicotinoides subject to a ban

An additional evaluation concerning the necessity of the treatment is needed for these active substances. The applicant must follow the recommandations in the EFSA technical report 'Protocol for the evaluation of data concerning the necessity of the application of insecticide active substances to control a serious danger to plant health which cannot be contained by other available means, including non-chemical methods'.

Annex B of this report must be filled out and attached to the application.

Contact: Jérémy Denis (jeremy.denis@health.fgov.be) and Ilse Pittomvils (ilse.pittomvils@health.fgov.be).

List of emergency authorisations in Belgium

You can find the list of authorisations in Belgium here in French or in Dutch.

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