Authorisation procedure

All plant protection products require authorisation before being placed on the Belgian market. There are various authorisation types and procedures depending on the composition (nature), use and origin of the product. Authorised products must contain an approved active substance.

In this section, information is provided regarding the various authorisation procedures. The details can be found in our guide.


In order to obtain authorisation, an application must be submitted with our service. All applications are assessed in accordance with the current, relevant legal and technical requirements.


The current authorisation procedure for Belgium is largely set out in European Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009. This regulation describes the new zonal procedure which has been applicable since 14 June 2011. The zonal procedure pertains to the majority of applications.


fee is required for the processing of an application. Fees depend on the type of application and cover the administrative costs incurred during the processing of an application.