Fees and contributions


A fee is required for the processing of an application by our service. The fees cover the costs of the handling of the application and are deposited into the Budget fund for raw materials and products. They are laid down in law in the Royal Decree of 13 November 2011.

You can find a summary table of the current fees for all types of application in annex 2 of our guide.

Annual contribution

An annual contribution must be paid for every plant protection product which is authorised on the Belgian market. This contribution is proportional to the quantities sold and the risks associated with the use of these products. For products which are not sold in a given year, a minimum contribution is requested. The annual contribution is higher for plant protection products for amateur users than for the products intended for professional users.

The Royal Decree of 13 November 2011 provides in art. 3 $4 that the amount of the contribution must be mentioned on the invoice.

The contribution is deposited to the Budget fund for raw materials and products. Through the intervention of this fund, the contributions are used to support the effective functioning of our service, mainly by the funding of members of staff. The contributions are also used to fund studies to support applications for authorisations for products in minor crops. In addition, studies which can improve the assessment of plant protection products are funded, as are policy-supporting studies.

Who needs to make a declaration?

Anyone who is the first to place a given plant protection product on the Belgian market must declare this sale. These declarations covering the full year must be collected and summarised per product on the declaration form provided. The declaration for the preceding year must be sent to our service in January. Our service will group these declarations together and then sends the settlement to the authorisation holder. It is the authorisation holder who needs to pay the annual contribution (after having collected the funds from his or her buyers). For products which are re-exported after being sold on the Belgian market, a refund of the annual contribution can be requested.

You can find the declaration form and an overview with a calculation of the points here.