There are 3 important groups of legislation which determine the authorisation of plant protection products and adjuvants:

Legal data requirements

In order to apply for an authorisation for a plant protection product, the applicant must provide data regarding the product, in accordance with the legal requirements. These data must show that the plant protection product can be used safely. The studies are carried out by certified institutions and laboratories, and in accordance with a specific methodology. The submitted data (application) is then assessed by the competent authorities, including our service.

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Legal procedure

The approval of active substances is carried out at the European level. Plant protection products, or products which contain approved active substances (also referred to as formulations) are authorised at the national level. This is done via the zonal procedure. The reasons for an authorisation at the national level are the differences in the application method of the same plant protection product, the crops and the harmful organisms. There is however cooperation between Member States of the European Union to speed up the procedure and limit repetition. Identical products can also be authorised by mutual recognition if the environmental, climatological and agricultural conditions are comparable.

You can find more detailed information and the legal texts via the list of relevant legislation for plant protection products.