Approval of active substance

The active substances of plant protection products are examined at the EU level.

List of approved active substances

Following a favourable assessment, active substances are approved and placed on a positive list. EU Member States can only grant an authorisation for plant protection products whose active substance(s) has/have been approved at the EU level. More information ›

Data requirements

The data requirements with which an EU dossier supporting an application for approval of an active substance needs to comply are extensive. More information ›


The procedure to be followed consists of various steps, from the submission of the dossier to the actual decision regarding the approval of an active substance. Instructions for submitting data in Belgium vary depending on whether Belgium acts as an RMS (Rapporteur Member State), or co-RMS, or not. More information ›


The hazard profile of a given active substance can vary depending on the production location and method. By carrying out an equivalence assessment, it is ensured that an active substance from any other origin is not more harmful than the active substance which was initially examined for approval. More information ›