Non-professional or professional user

Authorised plant protection products are classified into 2 groups:

  • Products for professional use
  • Products for non-professional use (amateur use)

Non-professional or amateur users have plant protection products in suitable packaging. These products have an adapted label and can be used safely by this target group.

Professional users have access to additional crop protection products (for professional use) because they have better training and knowledge of good practice in applying products. They also have a wider range of application equipment and protective clothing. This allows them to take the necessary measures to use plant protection products for professional use safely.

How do I recognise a product for amateur use?

Products for amateur use have a 'G' for garden in their approval number (see label) (e.g. 9524G/B). The authorisation number of agents for professional use contains a 'P' for professional.

How do I find pesticides for amateur use?

You can consult information on plant protection products on this website (in French or Dutch). After searching by name or authorisation number, for example, you can easily filter the results on agents for amateur users.