Applying for a third party extension

It is anticipated in the legislation that 'third parties' can submit an application to obtain an authorisation for the use of an already authorised plant protection product in a 'minor crop'.

Third parties are official, scientific or advisory bodies who are occupied in agricultural activities, or work with professionals or their organisations. They can submit an application to obtain the extension of an already authorised plant protection product in an additional crop.

The crop for which the extension is applied for must be a minor crop.

In Belgium, the government is also active itself in optimising the use of plant protection products in these crops. You can find more information in approach in Belgium.


The applicant must provide the necessary efficacy and residue data to support his or her application.

You can find the application form here.

The applications are presented to the Approval Committee, which will decide whether or not to grant an authorisation. We handle the extensions in parallel with the standard applications.


Once the extension requested by third parties is approved, an adapted authorisation certificate is sent to the authorisation holder with the request to include the authorisation on the label.

  • If the authorisation holder refuses to place the extension on the label, the extension will only be published on this website. The extension then remains valid but the user is responsible for the treatment, not the authorisation holder.
  • If the authorisation holder places the extension on the label, he or she can decide whether to take the responsibility or not.┬áThis must be clearly indicated on the label.