Approved active substances

The assessment of active substances - both the revision of existing active substances and the assessment of new active substances - is made at the European level pursuant to Regulation (EC) no. 1107/2009. It is the responsibility of the phyto-pharmaceutical industry to provide the necessary data which demonstrate that an active substance can be used safely in terms of human and animal health (including possible residues in the food chain), and the environment. As such, at least one representative use of a representative formulation, with the active substance in question, is examined.

In 1993, a revision programme was started by the European Commission for all active substances used in plant protection products which were registered within the EU. This revision was carried out in accordance with European Directive 91/414/EEC of the Council concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market. This directive was intended to harmonise the assessment procedure and placing on the market of plant protection products in the countries of the EU. Since then, following consultation with the 'Standing Committee for Plants, Animals, Food and Feed', the European Commission has decided whether or not to authorise active substances in the Member States of the EU (more information under Procedure).

positive list of approved active substances (Regulation 540/2011) was created, and this is adapted whenever a new active substance is approved, or when an approval is revoked. Related conditions (e.g. term of validity of the approval, minimum level of purity, maximum content of relevant impurities and possible restrictions in terms of use) are also indicated in this list. EU Member States can only grant an authorisation for plant protection products whose active substance(s) has/have been approved.

You can consult the status of all active substances (approved and not approved) in the European Pesticides Database.