Switchover to a new software system


Currently, the authorisations of plant protection products (PPPs) are migrated to a new database. This database should allow for much more targeted authorisation searches in the future. The database will be further expanded to include data on use-up periods, emergency authorisations and basic substances, a separate entry for extensions for minor crops, etc.

The migration inevitably requires adjustments to the authorisations themselves. On this separate page you can see which adjustments are involved. Apart from a few exceptions, there are no differences of substance.

This also implies that there may be slight temporary differences between the pdf version of the authorisations and the data in the search module. Once all authorisations have been adjusted, these differences will disappear.

The layout of the authorisation certificates was also completely revised. Due to the gradual switchover, it is possible that for some products you will open an authorisation certificate with the new layout, while for others it has not yet been adapted. All authorisation certificates on the website are valid.

Once all authorisations have been transferred, the new search function will become available. This search function is currently under development.

We are also working on making our data available for third parties. The idea is to make an extract with the public data available through a separate channel. However, we can only do this in the final stage.

The new software system will also allow online submission of applications for plant protection products, as is already the case for fertilisers.

The plan is for all this to come into effect in the first half of next year.

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