New active substances for the Emission Reduction Plans for plant protection products in surface water in Belgium

To reduce the presence of problematic plant protection products in surface water, the industry and the authorities have drawn up a charter. This charter provides for yearly Emission Reduction Plans (ERPs) for  additional problematic active substances.

Each year several substances are selected: Those with the most or highest levels of exceedance of the environmental standards for surface water are suitable for selection. It therefore concerns substances that are already being monitored by the regional authorities. The selection is based on the available monitoring data that is shared with the industry. For 2019 the substances diflufenican, chlortoluron, MCPA and metolachlor were concerned. For chlortoluron, it ultimately proved to be inappropriate, but for the other substances ERPs were drawn up. This year flufenacet, metazachlor, terbuthylazine and dimethenamid-p were selected. Following a review, where necessary, of the reference level and its exceedances, it is decided for which substances an ERP will be drawn up.

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