Mobile-friendly version and other improvements to the search module

A new version of the search module was launched a half year ago. In the meantime, the tool has been improved to simplify finding authorised plant protection products.

The following changes have been made:

  • the search module is now more user-friendly on mobile devices
  • it is now possible to filter for products that are allowed in organic farming, including a logo and a disclaimer
  • the authorisation certificate is now available for basic substances and searching for basic substances is possible via both name and “active substance”
  • a number of useful dates has been added in the results table and in the exported excel file. They can be used to sort the search results and, for example, find new or recently modified autorisations.
    • delivery of most recent certificate
    • start of first authorisation
    • end of sale (authorisation holder) if applicable
    • end of sale (distributor) if applicable
    • end of use if applicable

More information on the use and functionalities of the search function can be found here.

To continue improving this tool, we take into account feedback we receive and prioritise frequently requested functionalities. For example, we plan to include emergency authorisations in the search function in a future version.

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