Emergency authorisations are now included in the search function


Emergency authorisations are temporary authorisations of plant protection products granted in special circumstances. They are valid for a maximum of 120 days. This type of authorisations was communicated and tracked separately until now. From now on, these authorisations will be included in the search function among the other authorisations. All emergency authorisations that were valid for at least one day in 2024 were added.

In the search function

In the search function, all information on emergency authorisations can be found, just as for other authorisations. Emergency authorisations are marked with the symbol exclamation sign. They have a unique authorisation number, different from the reference product, which is followed by the suffix ‘/120’.

Emergency authorisations can also be found by filtering on ‘Emergency authorization (120 days)’ via the ‘Authorisation type’ filter.

filter for emergency authorisations

Future communication

Emergency authorisations will continue to be communicated (in French and Dutch), but the list of authorisations (pdfs) will no longer be kept up-to-date. As long as they are valid, issued emergency authorisations will remain in this list, but new ones will no longer be added.

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