Online application for a derogation/authorisation for fertilising products

In order to obtain a derogation, authorisation or certificate, you can submit an online application accompanied by a file containing the necessary information about the product. More information on the different application types and the data to provide can be found on the pages ‘Derogation application procedure’, ‘Sewage sludge’, ‘Mutual recognition’ and ‘Certificates, certified copies and certified translations’.

Attention: To submit a complete online application, please use Firefox as a browser.

A manual on the functioning of the application is available (see pdf file below). Hereafter, you will find some remarks and forms (which can be downloaded below) necessary to start working with the application:

  • For safety reasons, every user must register before using the application for the first time. A new account can be created on the access screen of the application.
  • Next, the first user of an enterprise has to submit an access application by e-mail to the Plant Protection Products and Fertilising Products department by means of the form ‘Creating a local manager’. That person will be designated as local manager of his enterprise. He will grant his colleagues access to the application. The form ‘Modifying a local manager’ has to be sent by e-mail as the occasion arises.
  • Once the access rights have been granted, every user can apply for derogations/authorisations and manage derogations/authorisations that have already been delivered.
  • An enterprise can designate a consultant to submit the applications for its products. That authority can either be delegated through the application or by e-mailing the form ‘Delegation to a consultant’ to our Unit.