Searching for authorisations

Searching with the new search functionality is made easier by a lot of modifications. Below you find more information about these changes, the new functionalities and a number of limitations.


You can refine your results before or after a query. For the time being, following filters are available:

  • User category: professional or non professional use
  • Status: in standard mode only authorised products are searched for. It is possible to differentiate between authorised products in selling out or in using out status. Those products are also clearly marked in the searching results. You can also search for the since 2019 withdrawn authorisations.
  • Product characteristic: a number of specific properties  to reduce the outcome, e.g. a low risk product according to article 47 of Regulation 1107/2009 concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market.
  • Authorisation type:
    • Standaard authorisation
    • Permit for parallel trade
    • Basic substance
    • Adjuvant
  • Nature: filter for herbicides, insecticides…. It is possible to check multiple options at the same time.
  • Formulation type: filter for the type of formulation, e.g. SC or suspension concentrate


A number of lists are available below the search function. Those are refreshed on a daily basis.

  • Alle crops present in our database (this does not necessarily mean that for all those crops a number of products are authorised for being used).
  • All pests present in our database (this does not necessarily mean that for all those pests a number of products are authorised for being used).
  • All authorisation holders.

Instead of the previously offered .txt-document with information concerning the authorised plant protection products, it is now possible to generate yourself a list of all authorised products via the searching function, and export the results into an excelfile. You can do this by searching for all authorisations without selecting any parameter. You will in that case receive a full list containing all authorised products. Off course, you can follow the same procedure in order to generate different lists by selecting other filters.

Crops and pests

The crops are ordered in a hierarchical way in our database (see the section Lists above to obtain a  full list). The new searching function allows to search for products that are suited for use in a crop, taking into account this hierarchy. E.g. when looking for a specific ornamental crop, you will also find the products that are authorised for use in the whole group of ornamental crops.

You can search for crops or pests or on one or more combinations of a crop and a pest. Just make sure to first select the crop and only then the pest.

Basic substances

The basic substances used to be present in a separate list, but now they are integrated in the searching function.

Profile page of an authorisation

An important change in the profile page of an authorisation is the availability of the history of this authorisation. All modifications of an authorisation after 1/12/2020 remain available via consultation of this history.

For authorisations that were valid on 1/01/2019, the history stays available even when the authorisation is withdrawn. The previously authorised uses and the classification of the product are however no longer visible on Phytoweb.

Emergency authorisations

The temporary emergency authorisations (or: 120 days authorisations) are for technical reasons as yet not present in the first version of the new searching function. In a following version this will be the case. As from then you will find them between the other authorisations, marked as temporary authorisations. Until then, you can still consult those authorisation (FR) here.